Win Mother’s Day with Massage Envy’s Skin Care

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Win Mother’s Day with Massage Envy’s Skin Care

Time to Honor Mom

Let’s face it, Mom does a lot and Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to recognize everything Moms have done and sacrificed. Mom’s give up the back seat of the car, abandon the very notion of leftovers, and even the idea of free time. Every day Moms make physical, emotional and even financial sacrifices. In many cases, Mom has all but abandoned the concept of a peaceful night’s sleep, possibly forever, for the sake of the family.

While we’re all happy to honor Mom this time of year, we can often forget the toll motherhood can take on the body. Motherhood is stressful and the day-to-day demands of being Mom can have a profound effect on a woman’s skin.

So, to honor Mom this year, Massage Envy encourages everyone to consider giving Mom the gift of healthy-looking skin jumpstarted by a series of three (3) customized facial sessions for just $150. Now you can celebrate Mom while helping her preserve her natural glow.

Help Mom Enjoy the Benefits of Routine Skin Care

If you want to help Mom keep her amazing complexion, routine facials with Massage Envy is an excellent way to begin. By leveraging the expertise of professionally trained estheticians, you can help Mom look and feel amazing. These licensed or certified skin care specialists focus on helping her develop an effective skin care routine that leverages innovative, industry-leading products focused on helping Mom achieve and maintain results.

And as if her smile wasn’t bright enough, here are some points to consider when you choose to give the gift of skin care for Mother’s Day:

Customized Facials

Making Massage Envy facials a regular part of Mom’s skin care regimen can help deliver faster, better, longer-lasting results. Customized Facials, featuring products from CyMe™ and Obagi® Medical help reinvigorate her skin’s natural radiance. Other benefits include:

Cellular Hydration

Helps increase the firmness and the health of your skin, it also helps minimize wrinkles and promote a more youthful appearance.

Healthier Skin

Facials promote healthy circulation beneath the skin and lymphatic drainage. Routine customized facials also help relax facial muscles which can help slow the onset of wrinkles, help reduce puffiness, sagging and promote skin cell renewal to show the world a more vibrant, healthier-look.

Professional Skin Care Evaluation and Treatments

A Massage Envy licensed, or certified esthetician is a skin care expert who partners with you to evaluate your skin care needs to help create a customized skin care treatment regimen.

Give Mom the gift of glowing, more radiant skin. Working with a Massage Envy licensed, or certified esthetician can help address prolonged environmental exposure and the signs of aging. By utilizing the revitalizing effects of exfoliation, Mom can gain a brighter, more radiant appearance.

What’s more, Mom can learn how to extend the benefits of her skin care with professional at-home skin care products. Massage Envy licensed or certified estheticians are deeply committed to Mom’s skin health and vitality. They are able to advise her and help her select the best products to support her at-home care.

Healthy Skin Needs Healthy Skin Care

Mom deserve a healthy glow. Facials at a Massage Envy franchised location can be a regular part of her skin care regimen for faster, better, longer-lasting results. Customized Facials, featuring products from CyMe™ and Obagi® help reinvigorate her skin’s natural radiance.

The stress of everyday life can be a lot to bear, and our bodies – even Mom’s body – can break down. Massage Envy’s believes regular bodywork makes the body work. Helping Mom maintain a healthy glow is a way help her take care of the only body she’s got.

So remember, you can celebrate Mom and help preserve her natural glow with the gift of three (3) customized facials for $150. Just in time for Mother’s Day.

It’s important to help Mom take the necessary steps to relax and replenish her skin. To learn more about how to keep Mom’s (and your) body working, for Mother’s Day and every day, contact your nearest Massage Envy franchised location or visit to book a skin care session today.

After all, Mom’s worth it.



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