Help Your Kid Manage Stress and Reconnect With Lolo’s Studio

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Help Your Kid Manage Stress and Reconnect With Lolo’s Studio

Strong, Confident & Healthy Kids

Low self-esteem is at an all-time high. Self-doubt is an all day, everyday challenge for our kids. Bullying is becoming a national epidemic. Teenage suicide is happening all around us. Something is not right! Ask any mom what she wants for her kids. Chances are she’ll just want them to be “happy”. As a mom of two great kids, a preteen girl and a teenage man-child, I completely agree, but what I really want is for them to grow up strong, confident and healthy. What I really, really want, is for them to know the full potential of the power they have within themselves to combat any obstacle that life throws their way.

Bring Body and Mind Together

Our kids are constantly worrying about how they are performing at every task we give them. It also doesn’t help that we live in an electronic-centered, over-scheduled world. We stare at our phones while we yell at our kids to get off theirs. We try to control everything they do, from morning routines and mealtimes to after-school activities. So, how about letting our kids just show up, have fun, relax, pause and take a breath? Not only am I a mother, I’m also a Baptiste certified yoga instructor. I have seen the benefits of prioritizing self-care for young people in a major way, that’s why I started Lolo’s Studio. Our mission is to bring body and mind together, to help kids (and adults) better manage the physical and mental stress of modern day living.

Tips for Gaining Control

So how do you get your child to manage that recent F on a test, an argument with their bestie or bullying from kids at school? Here are my 3 bonafide, tried and true tips to help your kids gain control over themselves and any situation they get themselves into:

  1. Meditation and Deep Breaths

The next time your child is feeling sad, down in the dumps, overwhelmed and doesn’t know how to put it into words. Take a quick 3 minute mind-fullness meditation break. Have them sit or lie down in a spot that feels most comfortable and ask them to take some good deep breaths. Guide them as they release anxious energy from their body. Start with the feet, then to the knees, gut, heart, throat and lastly out through their head.

  1. Strike a Pose

Did you know that posing like your favorite superhero before that big test can actually boost the self-confidence needed to ace it? It’s true, numerous psychological studies have shown that open postures convey a sense of an individual having power and closed postures conveys a sense of an individual having little power. With two feet planted firmly on the ground, head held high, and hands on hips your child is now ready to conquer the day!

  1. Dance It Out

You might not be a big fan of their favorite tunes, but try to have a good ‘ole dance party the next time your child has had “the worst day of his/her life”.  Shake off the stress from the day and get the blood flowing in the most positive way. This simple trick can also open the door to having open honest conversation about what’s been bugging them.

About Lolo’s Studio:

Lolo's StudioLolo’s Youth Yoga + Fitness Studio is a health and wellness studio for kids and young adults. It’s more than yoga or fitness. It is about empowering each other to be the best version of ourselves. We celebrate internal and external power. Through art, yoga, fitness, fun, acting crazy, dancing ridiculously, and strutting our stuff down the “Power Runway” we build confidence, focus, power and strength, one child, one class at a time. Lolo’s Studio, 6107 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70118 Email: [email protected] |  Phone: 415-786-3317


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