Party With Tinker Bell at the Grand Opening of A Spoonful of Sugar


Disclosure :: this post is sponsored by Betty Rabe M.Ed., owner of A Spoonful of Sugar. Betty is pleased to bring together her love of children, etiquette, tea parties and cooking in her new venture, A Spoonful of Sugar.

How A Spoonful of Sugar Came to Be

Several years ago Betty and her daughter Kate discovered a new favorite hobby: cooking together. Now, both Betty and Kate are true New Orleans girls who certainly appreciate the joy of a good restaurant meal, but cooking at home, learning together, and creating fun dishes was an experience like no other for them! Out of all of this fun, a new concept was born :: “A Spoonful of Sugar.” LocateMomsBlog_Grahic_600x400-2d at 145 West Harrison Avenue in the Lakeview neighborhood of New Orleans, this new location offers etiquette classes, tea parties, or the ability to cook to your heart’s content!

A Variety of Cooking Classes Are Available

Cooking classes are kid-friendly, with recipes children can recreate easily and safely at home. The classes rely on cooking tools designed to make chopping and food prep a breeze for small hands. Cooking parties can take many forms: a small birthday party, “Family Fun” night to prepare a family meal together, a group class with friends, or even a “Mom and Me” creative food class. In addition, A Spoonful of Sugar offers a special tea experience each month, starting with the “Not So Scary Halloween Tea” in October.

A Focus On Healthy Eating

A Spoonful of Sugar is also excited to partner with a nationwide program, Veggiecation®, to help create a love of vegetables! Veggiecation®’s healthy cooking classes were developed to empower children in the kitchen. Culinary skills are explored as the children learn about the ingredients they are using. They are given the tools that will empower them to prepare meals that are environmentally sustainable. This ability will benefit the children throughout their lives and allow them to make food choices that are socially conscious and give them the power to take responsibility of their own health and wellness.

Join A Spoonful of Sugar For Their Grand Opening

What :: The Fairy Themed Open House and Grand Opening

When :: Saturday, September 12, 2015 from 11:00am – 1:00pmSpoonful Fairy Party Take 2

How Much :: This is a FREE event. Drop by and say hello!

Why :: Check out the new A Spoonful of Sugar studio and participate in fun fairy activities for all ages. Rumor has it a very special visitor, Tinker Bell, will be joining the party! Please wear your fairy attire, if you like!

Where :: 145 West Harrison in Lakeview

Questions? Would You Like to Reserve a Spot? :: Call (504) 507-8373 or check out their website.

Learn more about A Spoonful of Sugar on Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram


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