Mardi Gras Mambo 2014 {Sponsored Giveaway of Our Favorite Mardi Gras Items}


As soon as the Christmas trees come down in New Orleans, the king cake makes an appearance! We start making plans for what cute Mardi Gras outfits our little ones will wear, which parades we will attend, and where we will stand. The Carnival season in our beloved city is like no other!

If you’re not already dancing to Mardi Gras Mambo in your living room on a daily basis, we have two amazing MGTeashergiveaways from some of our favorite local companies that will be sure to get you in the spirit! Whether you’re looking for the perfect parade-going outfit for you or your little one, a sippy cup for Mommy, or a cookbook with fabulous New Orleans recipes, we’ve got something for everyone!

Due to the overwhelming popularity of a similar post last year, we decided that we’d do it again. Some are brands we’ve worked with several times, and some will be new to you. We’ve purposely looked high and low across the city for unique businesses with fabulous customer service. In order to participate, New Orleans Moms Blog required all vendors to provide a product for us to review (if we were not already familiar from previous reviews/giveaways) because it is important to us that we have firsthand experience with companies and products before we recommend them to our readers. Vendors were also required to provide a product to give away. Businesses also paid a nominal fee to cover the time and resources it requires to effectively compile a post of this complexity, but all opinions expressed here are our own. And, we can assure you that every last one of these recommendations has the New Orleans Moms Blog “stamp of approval,” and we personally solicited all companies for inclusion.

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Mardi Gras Mambo Giveaway 1

Mardi Gras Giveaway 1

Pearl Wine Co has the largest selection of small production wine, beer, and liquor in New Orleans at affordable prices! What more could you ask for at Mardi Gras? Leora wants all of her customers to feel at home at Pearl, and she offers weekly wine tastings, along with manicures and martinis on Mondays and free red beans on Tuesdays! Giveaway is a wine sippy cup (value $10).

Four Girly Girls hand selects each and every article of clothing they sell in their online shop. This boutique is family run (by two sisters whose husbands are even involved!) and offers classic children’s styles with a local Southern charm. Their Mardi Gras jester smocked outfits are simply adorable! Giveaway is a jester smocked outfit for a girl or boy (valued at $35). 

Nolafionnah, owned by local New Orleans mom of two girls, Jessica, is one of our favorite clothing shops for babies and toddlers. She offers her own creative creations, which are hand sewn, and she’ll also do custom designs as well! You are sure to see lots of NOMB little ones running around with her darling king cake shirt this Mardi Gras season! (For the record, she is bankrupting us all!) Giveaway is a king cake shirt or boy shirt (valued at $30).

Feed Me Eat Pretty uses local New Orleans produce to make creative cocktail mixers, syrups, sugar free jams without any artificial sugar and not so ordinary pepper jellies! Emily’s products are made with the least amount of ingredients as possible, no preservatives, no fillers and no artificial colors. You can purchase locally via Good Eggs and nationally via Etsy. She is now offering a Mardi Gras Survival Kit, which includes a quart of syrup to use as an easy party cocktail mixer (just add the booze of your choice with ice and soda water if desired) and a syrup and cream stuffed king cake. Giveaway is The Mardi Gras Survival Kit (valued at $65).

Hucklebuckles’ owner Becky strives to design garments that are fresh and fun, yet simple and timeless. Her line is produced using fair trade workers in a small factory in New Orleans and employs the highest standards to produce the garments to ensure superior quality and wearability in generations to come. The boys button down in purple, green and gold fabric is sure to win your son the best dressed on the parade route this Mardi Gras! Giveaway is one boys button down (valued at $45).

Sweet Olive Soap Works, a family owned business located right here in New Orleans, offers nutrient rich blends of vegetable oils, butters and the very best of Louisiana sourced ingredients whenever possible. Their sweet almond rich bar of Mardi Gras soap scented with an uplifting blend of ginger, lime and pink grapefruit fragrance oils is perfect accent to your kitchen or bathroom during the Carinval season! You can order their soaps online or find Sweet Olive in stores around the area. Giveaway is a bar of Mardi Gras soap (valued at $6).

Lipscape was born out of a love of lip glosses, lip balm and lip stick combined with a love of geography. Since very often, the first cosmetic we use is on our lips, what if it could be used to teach us about the world around us the world as well? That’s exactly what Ingrid hoped for when she formed Lipscape. Giveaway is a Carnivalesque Glitter Gloss Set and Purple Lipstick (valued at $35).

NOLA Mom Print We might be biased (since we created it) but we are still in love with NOLA mom print, which we feel describes perfectly what we want our little ones to always remember about New Orleans! It is available in a variety of sizes, and you could even add a cute frame to fancy it up! Giveaway is one 11×14 print (valued at $18).

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Mardi Gras Mambo Giveaway 2

Mardi Gras Giveaway 2

Southern Lights was created with one goal in mind, and that is to create quality hand poured candles. They use the highest quality soy blend wax, premium fragrances and wicks specially designed to burn clean which produce a maximized burn time. Southern Lights candles, with exquisite aromas, are hand poured right here in Destrehan. Giveaway is one 12 oz triple colored King Cake scented candle and one 24 oz Insulated Tumbler (valued at $34).

Two Sprouts, located on Metairie Road, has tons of New Orleans inspired gifts, including paper products like invitations and stationary, t-shirts, one pieces and more! Live on the parade route and inviting people over? Check out these adorable invitationsGiveaway is Mardi Gras t-shirt or one piece (valued at $28 or $24).

LoomedNOLA, which imports organic textiles from Turkey, offers several luxurious gift choices, such as robes and fine towels, along with their gorgeous pestamels, which can be used as tablecloths, scarves, blankets, towels, and more! Their gorgeous Mardi Gras scarf had almost the entire NOMB swooning when they released it! Giveaway is a Mardi Gras scarf (valued at $50).

Embellish NOLA was started by local mom Jessica, who wanted to use her talents to “embellish” the lives of both children and adults with embroidered and appliquéd items. You can find precious Mardi Gras (and other holiday) appliques in her shop, which can be done on a shirt or even a bead bag to carry along to the parade. And if you’re looking for a custom shirt for your child’s birthday or another special occasion, she’ll be happy to accommodate you. Giveaway is a Mardi Gras applique shirt (valued at $25).

Fleur de Kidz is a locally owned online boutique which offers parents affordable, fashionable clothing for their children, with easy care. The Valentine’s Day outfits are precious, and the Mardi Gras A-line dresses are just the cutest thing! You can even find hair accessories, knit hats, scarves, crossbody purses, and blankets, which would all make perfect gifts for birthdays or any upcoming holiday. Giveaway is a Mardi Gras A-line dress (valued at $32.99).

Southern Creed, based in New Orleans, is a brand inspired by the beauty of Southern life. Rebecca uses many different techniques when creating her original designs, such as drawing, painting, vector computer graphics, and anything else that helps her express her ideas! Giveaway is 4 cloth cocktail napkins in the Mardi Gras and shotguns pattern (valued at $20).

NOLA Tiles Liven up your Carnival time with a purple, green and gold tile from NOLA Tiles. You can customize your tile to say whatever you want using the images of the historic street tiles. Each tile measures 2” x 6” and comes with a ribbon attached for ease of hanging. Alternatively, simply remove the ribbon to display on a plate stand or a table. As always, you can also order them personalized in pink, blue OR Mardi Gras colors! Giveaway is one Mardi Gras tile ornament (valued at $20).

In a While, Crocodile features over 50 New Orleans recipes adapted for a mom’s favorite appliance: the slow cooker! From Royal Street Red Beans to Flambeaux Gumbo to Crescent City Crème Brûlée, this cookbook includes appetizers, soups, entrées, sides, and desserts. Each mouth-watering recipe is accompanied by a vibrant, full-page color photo of the dish. Giveaway is one In a While, Crocodile Cookbook (valued at $21.95)

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  1. The only parade I’ve been to is Bacchus right after Katrina. My husband and I came to visit family and it was amazing! Looking forward to seeing so many more this year!! 🙂

  2. My favorite parade is Selene in Slidell. Love the night parade and the lights and atmosphere. Can’t wait to get back to a NOLA parade…haven’t been since the kids were born!

  3. My family just moved to NOLA in July so we don’t have a favorite yet, but we are looking forward to making some memories and finding our favorite parades! (My IL’s love Muses though!)

  4. It’s our first Mardi Gras, so no traditions yet, except eating too much king cake from Randazzo’s. Looking forward to our first parades!

  5. Favorite Tradition – Spending the day with my family and watching the joy on my children’s faces as they a stuffed animal or beads!

  6. Favorite tradition is dressing up as a family, loading up the wagon with cold ones& homemade sandwiches, and making a day of the parades!

  7. My favorite parade has always been Thoth – it is a daytime parade on my favorite parade day of the year… the Sunday before Mardi Gras!

  8. well.. once again- this is my first Mardi Gras so I don’t have a favorite parade yet. I am sure I will though. 🙂 I love parades.

  9. Only parade I went to was in New Orleans which was the most fun ever. I haven’t been back to New Orleans since I had a child but I plan on getting back there.

  10. There are so many things I love about Mardi Gras, but my favorite tradition is to go to parades with my parents. My mom LOVES the Mardi Gras floats and we have a lot of fun trying to catch goodies!

  11. Favorite Mardi Gras tradition is working across from Gallier Hall with my WWL-TV crew! I’m hoping my kids will be able to join me when they get a little older 🙂

  12. My favorite parade is Proteus. It has beautiful floats and is such a traditional carnival parade.
    Our favorite tradition is camping out on the neutral ground with friends and family waiting to see all
    the Uptown parades. Our favorite season for sure!

  13. My favorite tradition is Bacchus Sunday: Court of two sisters brunch, followed by carriage parade around the quarter, and then topping it off with the Bacchus ball that night!

  14. I haven’t been to all of the parades, so I can’t list a favorite yet. I’m looking forward to Chewbacchus this year, though! 😉

  15. One tradition is taking the ferry over from the point and catching the parades by Windsor court with family. This will be the first year we take the little one to all the parades with us looking forward to start some new traditions!

  16. Our favorite parade is Endymion….we live so close to the route, and have a great party every year. It has the most beautiful floats 🙂

  17. Favorite tradition: the last few years it’s been marching in the parades with cheerleaders!! I am ready to start some new traditions with my children this year!!

  18. Love the giveaway!! We do Slidell parades for now, but we look forward to sharing the Nola experimece when the babes are older!

  19. Love the family fun!! We do Slidell parades for now, but we look forward to sharing the Nola experimece when the babes are older. My favorite tradition is making fun outfits for the girls!

  20. My favorite thing about Mardi Gras is hands down the king cake! But coming in a close second is taking my kids to the parades and introducing them to how we grew up 🙂

  21. I love the truck parade! It is like a never ending party of beads! Taking my little sister and her friends from Missouri this year.

  22. My favorite MG tradition is eating king cake! Here in NOLA, we can walk to Haydel’s from our house, which is not good for the waistline!

  23. I love Orpheus on the Northshore because my uncle was a krewe member and rode for many years. He was Captain and King. I was a maid one year.

  24. My favorite parade is Thoth. Between the madness of Endymion on Saturday night and Bacchus on Sunday night, Thoth is a fun reprieve.

  25. I love Mardi Gras time and my favorite parade is muses and Babylon. Amazing floats and throws. I also love that Mardi Gras is kid friendly. My little girl loves parades and her excitement is contagious.

  26. my fav mardi gras tradition is my college friends all get together for Bacchus and we wear matching custom made Mardi Gras shirts every year!

  27. Our favorite parade is Iris and Tucks because we love to bring the kids to it and make a day of it at my school! We also love Bacchus because my family rides in it!

  28. My favorite Mardi Gras tradition is being with family! My sister in law and brother in law come in with their kids and it’s one of the few times a year we are all together. It’s so much more fun watching Mardi Fras through the eyes of the kids!

  29. I just love coming on here and listen to everything. I’m originally from the New Orleans area but due to my husbands job we travel every so many years where the military tells us to go. This just reminds me of how much i really do love Louisiana. 🙂

  30. my favorite parade was the eve parade on the northshore. my grandmother was on the committee and it was tradition to go every year until i was able to ride myself.

  31. My favorite parade since having kids is our local one in Denham Springs. It’s not great, but it is really easy to get to and park at. And the kids have a lot of fun.

  32. Fave MG Parade has to be THOTH!! It’s always a gorgeous Sunday, I love the unique route it runs down Magazine St., and it’s always been a great day shared with family and friends.

  33. I’ m Italian and we celebrate Mardi Gras as well: we get all dressed in costumes like you do for Halloween and we go to see the parade, throw confetti and eat the typical sweets “chiacchiere”. This is going to be my second Mardi Gras in New Orleans 🙂 It’s different but I like it.

  34. My favorite parade is the Big Fat Tuesday Parade in Metairie! I love it so much. I was not raised here, but I’m here now, and I love it!

  35. Favorite mardi gras tradition = King Cake!

    My favorite parade is Muses. It was the first parade I ever saw after I moved to NOLA from CT. I fell in love with the shoe theme….. But 6 mardi gras later I have yet to catch a shoe, hopefully this is my year!

  36. My favorite Mardi Gras parade is Muses!
    I love the throws and the ladies are having such a great time!

    My favorite Mardi Gras day tradition is to dress up and join foot parades in the Quarter. In the rest of the world, it ain’t nothing but Tuesday!

  37. My favorite tradition has been on hiatus for ten years. My husband and I used to catch Zulu and Rex, then head to Camilia Grill for burgers and shakes. But I have not had a Fat Tuesday off in ten years because I was working at WDSU. Now I am a college professor and I get a week off (!!!) so we will be resuming the tradition, now with two little girls and a parade ladder in tow!


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